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If you have been impacted by the wisdom of Kabbalah and by your experience at The Kabbalah Centre, we hope you will consider helping us to share this wisdom with others. By supporting the Centre with a recurring monthly donation of any amount, you can create positive transformation on both an individual and global scale. Your recurring gift to the general fund is critical in covering the operating costs for all Centres and Kabbalah Centre International, as well as providing for all chevre and staff, supporting Kabbalah 1, teacher training, and more. Your generosity and kindness can make a difference in this world.

Please validate your order as donations and purchases are not refundable. If you have submitted an order by mistake or made an error in the amount of your donation, please call 1-(888) 72-DONOR immediately so that we can void the order. Donation refunds can only be processed within 24 hours of the donation and must be received by 5pm eastern time.

The Kabbalah Centre has the sole discretion and authority to apply contributions designated for restricted projects to another purpose or project that is consistent with the mission of The Kabbalah Centre in the event a project is cancelled, or the donations received exceed the needs of the project.