The Zohar Project shares the Zohar worldwide for the purpose of revealing spiritual Light in the world.

Zohar Project Tour

The kabbalists teach that the end of pain and suffering will only come to our world when The Zohar is revealed to critical mass of people. The Zohar Project Tour organizes teams of Kabbalah Centre Volunteers to travel to new cities to share the Zohar with hospitals, police stations, charitable organizations, fire stations, schools, and government offices. In 2019, the Zohar Project Tour had a powerful stop in Austin, Texas and will make a stop in Boston, Massachusetts.

Grassroots Program

The Grassroots Program is a volunteer initiative that allows Kabbalah Centre Volunteers in the United States and Canada to share the Zohar on a daily basis with people in their local communities.

The Zohar Project has deeply affected our lives in West Africa over the years. The impact is not only on a personal level, but it also extends to the national level. We believe that our work of sharing the Zohar has contributed to the avoidance of bloodshed in the Ivory Coast.
— Firmin Ahoua, Zohar Project volunteer


  • Sponsored a total of 754,280 Zohars for police and fire stations, hospitals, clinics, government offices, military bases, charitable organizations and individuals worldwide.

  • Shared the Zohar with President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Former Israeli Prime Minister, President Shimon Peres, the American Red Cross, and the United Nations.

  • Organized Zohar Project Tour stops in New Orleans, Charleston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Havana, Seattle, Austin, Orlando, Detroit, Santo Domingo, Guatemala City, Washington D.C., and Port-Au-Prince.

  • Developed and launched the website and the first ever virtual 23 volumes of the Zohar in English. 

  • Reduced the retail price of the 23 volumes of the Zoharin English and Hebrew from $415 to $72 for 5,500 people.