Zohar Project Tour Announces New Dates

After many years of welcoming anyone who wishes to engage with the Zohar, it is time for The Kabbalah Centre to take its mission a step further but reaching beyond our walls, and bringing this unparalleled spiritual tool to people where they live.

The Zohar Project Tour is slated to do just that by visiting new locations worldwide in 2017, including, Denver, Chicago, Ecuador, and Berlin.

February 2017 Update with Michael Berg

We're happy to announce the launch of a new monthly video series aimed at engaging our supporters with updates about how their contributions are making a difference in the world. In this month's video update, Michael Berg discusses the mission of The Kabbalah Centre, and shares a snapshot of the global impact we’ve made through programs like Kabbalah Centre Teacher Training, Rav Berg Legacy Project, and more. Take a moment to watch the video and learn more about how you can get involved.

Zohar Project Tour Visits Haiti

The energy of the Zohar has always been the beating heart of all we do at The Kabbalah Centre. Rav Berg believed that there was no greater way to manifest blessings than to share the Zohar with others. In the early days of the Rav’s work, the very notion of welcoming people from every walk of life to study Zohar was revolutionary and, in many circles, quite controversial. Undaunted, the Rav went on to create The Zohar Project; it wasn’t enough to invite people in, the Rav wanted to bring the Zohar to the people.

In 2016, the Zohar Project’s volunteers continued the work of the Rav by traveling in teams to different cities, sharing the Zohar unconditionally, as part of the Zohar Project Tour. More than 22,500 Zohars have been distributed in U.S. cities including Austin, Detroit, Seattle, San Francisco, Charleston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Nashville as part of this program.

Most recently, the Zohar Project Tour visited Haiti. Consumed by poverty and lacking in basic infrastructure, the people of Haiti face one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world. On January 15 - 19, a team of 25 Zohar Project volunteers shared 1,500 Zohars with hospitals, women's shelters, government offices and local families in Port-Au-Prince and Cite Soleil.

Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes Announces New Partnership with Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA), in partnership with The Kabbalah Centre, will raise the walls for a new neighborhood in Downey, CA that will bring six affordable homeownership opportunities to the city. The wall raising and build day will take place on Wednesday, December 14th and also marks the beginning of a new, meaningful partnership between Habitat LA and The Kabbalah Centre.

“What makes a house a home is the love that goes into it. Working with Habitat is so wonderful because they don’t build places with walls and floors, they give volunteers a chance, through their effort and care, to help make a home. This is truly a circuitry of love and we feel grateful to be a part,” says Karen Berg, Spiritual Director of Kabbalah Centre International.

In addition to volunteer hours, The Kabbalah Centre is also providing $480,000 in total funding for the Downey neighborhood in an effort to provide strength and stability through homeownership to low-income, local families as well as to build Habitat homes outside of the US. The Kabbalah Centre is a longtime supporter of Habitat for Humanity’s work internationally and previously helped build homes and transform a community of one hundred families in Sri Lanka. Looking to make a similar impact with Habitat LA locally, the Centre has designated affordable homeownership and neighborhood revitalization as areas of focus for their organization.

“One of the most important spiritual principles we teach we at The Kabbalah Centre is giving back and sharing with people in need,” says Michael Berg, Director of Kabbalah Centre International. “The Kabbalah Centre is proud to work alongside Habitat LA to help bring decent housing to families in Downey.”

“We can’t thank The Kabbalah Centre enough for their partnership in Building a Greater Los Angeles,” says Erin Rank, Habitat LA President and CEO. “The six families who will eventually own these homes will be forever transformed thanks to The Kabbalah Centre’s generous contribution.”

Habitat LA has also committed $100 million toward increasing access to affordable homeownership opportunities and revitalizing neighborhoods throughout greater Los Angeles by 2020 as part of its Building a Greater Los Angeles campaign. This investment will benefit the local economy by building strong and stable homes in partnership with families, individuals, volunteers, municipalities and donors, which will bring strength and stability to local communities throughout greater Los Angeles.

The Kabbalah Centre is providing this funding as part of its international partnership with Habitat for Humanity, which includes a recently completed build project in Philippines in 2016, as well as support for Habitat’s work in response to the tornadoes that devastated Moore, Oklahoma in 2014 and the 7.8 earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015.

“Habitat for Humanity International is excited to partner with Habitat LA and The Kabbalah Centre,” says Jeremy Kraut-Ordover, Habitat International Deputy Director for Individual Giving. “Close to home and around the world, The Kabbalah Centre and Habitat are bringing people of all faiths together to help families gain strength, self-reliance and shelter.”

Transforming Lives in Sri Lanka

A nearly thirty-year war in Sri Lanka left Rasina and her family huddled in a temporary shelter made from sticks.

With six people in such a small space, there was no privacy and little protection from the elements. Snakes and scorpions were regular visitors. Rasina lived in constant fear that her children would be bitten or fall ill due to the flooding during monsoon season. Hundreds of families faced the same challenges upon returning to Sannar Village after years of being displaced by the civil conflict.

That’s why, beginning in 2013, Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes (KCCC) committed to bringing housing and humanitarian aid to families like Rasina’s.

KCCC is the charitable giving program of The Kabbalah Centre, dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to people in need in partnership with other non-profit organization. Our mission is not only to lead these individuals out of darkness, but also to give Kabbalah Centre students the opportunity to light the way.

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, KCCC identified 100 Sri Lankan families – 50 Muslim and 50 Hindu – who were in desperate need of secure shelter. Many beneficiaries had been living as refugees for years and not only did they assist with the construction of their own new homes, but they helped to build their neighbors’ too.

The construction in Sannar Village was completed in the summer of 2016 with the giving over of 100 permanent shelters, 23 tube wells, and 10 water tanks. Through financial support from our donors, 100 children were given education kits, and their families received agro-based livelihood support. Now school attendance is up and papaya cultivation is once again on the rise.

With a safe home comes new hope. Rasina now has a sewing room, and takes on orders to supplement the family income. Her children, Vidhushan and Kamsiga, sleep peacefully, protected from the rain and snakes. “We would not have been able to do this in our lifetime,” Rasina says, “if not for the help we received.”

On behalf of Rasina and all the villagers in Sannar, we’d like to say thank you to our generous donors. Your support is changing lives around the world in meaningful and measurable ways.

Introducing Rav Berg Legacy Project

Rav Berg brought the wisdom of Kabbalah to the masses, inspiring countless people to improve their lives and to change the lives of others in turn. Certain of its power to eliminate chaos and create lasting peace, The Rav worked tirelessly to share Kabbalah with all who sought it.

In doing so, The Rav gifted us with over two decades of writings, audio recordings, and lessons on videotape. The Kabbalah Centre recently launched Rav Berg Legacy Project to catalog and digitize these extensive archives, including over 5,000 audio recordings, 1,600 video recordings, and 100 handwritten manuscripts and letters.

Rav Berg Legacy Project will make this trove of spiritual wisdom available to students in a variety of formats. Two new books are coming soon: Rav Berg's Portions Book, which catalogs Rav Berg's teachings on every Zohar portion; and Rav Berg's Biography, detailing his life story.

In addition to printed works, Rav Berg Legacy Project will exhibit The Rav’s teachings online. The Rav Berg Master Class, a new series of 100 expertly edited classes, will be available to all members of Kabbalah University, and a new social media campaign, Rav Berg Digital, brings the simple, yet powerful teachings of The Rav to the masses.

Rav Berg Legacy Project will also implement a teacher training program with a new curriculum for current and new Kabbalah Centre Teachers based on Rav Berg's Ten Luminous Emanations.

It was The Rav's dream that one day everyone on the planet would have access to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is our goal to ensure this happens by preserving The Rav’s work for future generations and by sharing it with all people who desire to learn.

New Kabbalah University Scholarships

Nenad Popovic is a Bosnian refugee living on a disability pension. He had been interested in learning about Kabbalah for years, but it was not until he connected with the Kabbalah Scholarship Fund that his studies could really begin.

Since Michael Berg launched Kabbalah University scholarships earlier this year, The Kabbalah Centre has received an outpouring of gratitude from around the world. Both new and continuing students have written to express their thanks. For many, it’s difficult to convey with language what a positive impact Kabbalah University has made on their lives:

Jose Esteban Nuñez of Venezuela shares, “There are not words enough to thank all the donors who are helping to have these wonderful classes and seminars available for us.”

Elizabeth Portugal from Mexico writes, “I have no words to say thank you for sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah on my spiritual journey. Kabbalah is for me the manifestation of the Light in my life, and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

And in South Africa, Motshabi Sekhoane wonders, “Where do I start? First of all, I would like to thank the donors that sacrificed for us as students in making sure we could have this great opportunity of studying Kabbalah. I personally have no words to describe what Kabbalah has done for me. I cannot even begin to think how I survived all these years without it.”

In addition to 'thank', one word we see over and over again in these testimonies is 'sharing'. Scholarship recipients not only thank donors for sharing Kabbalah with them, but time and again they also indicate a desire to share Kabbalah with others in turn:

Rita Nobi from Hungary tells us, “With all the lectures of Kabbalah University my life has changed for the better in every possible way… I hope that via my small donations, one day someone else will also have the opportunity to study Kabbalah.”

Andrew Velasco from Colombia says, “I want to thank the Kabbalah Centre and its donors for the opportunity given to us in spiritual growth. Be sure that the Light is expanding to more lives and their circles of influence, and that this opportunity will be replicated to others.”

And Furaha Ebalo is so inspired she wants to share with all of Tanzania. “Since I have been benefiting from Kabbalah University Scholarship, I have acquired enough wisdom that I have started sharing Kabbalah with my friends, who in turn have shown their interest with the Light revealed to them. Many people here are ready to receive much Light and we have proposed to open a branch of Kabbalah Centre in Tanzania.”

As the kabbalists teach, sharing begets sharing.

This was exactly the thought behind offering students in need free online access to courses like Power Of Kabbalah, Zohar Class, and Ten Luminous Emanations. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the program has so far granted 2,500 life-changing scholarships to grateful students in India, Turkey, Kenya, Iran, New Zealand, Japan, Venezuela, and the United States.