Kabbalah Centre Youth offers children and teens kabbalistic tools to navigate life, become leaders, and change the world.

Classes & Courses

Kabbalah Centre Youth is committed to developing courses, classes and online lectures to help students, ages 6-17, learn the core kabbalistic principles. In 2017, Kabbalah Centre Youth will begin to offer weekly and monthly classes on core kabbalistic principles and the weekly teachings of the Zohar Kabbalah Centre Youth lessons are designed to communicate deep spiritual concepts to youth through fun and interactive classes.

Holidays & Retreats

Kabbalah Centre Youth is committed to developing and hosting a variety of weekly and monthly events where students can participate in lectures, meditation and share meals together. In 2018, Kabbalah Centre Youth will begin to host weekly Shabbat services, monthly New Moon events, and bi-annual retreats. Kabbalah Centre Youth holidays and retreats are opportunities for students to fully engage in kabbalistic holidays and build community with their peers.

Volunteer Program

In the spirit of Kabbalah’s teachings that emphasize sharing, Kabbalah Centre Youth will provide a volunteer program allowing students to participate in charitable initiatives. In 2017, Kabbalah Centre Youth will begin to provide age-appropriate volunteer opportunities for its students, including planting trees, visiting children's hospitals, mentoring other youth, and building homes for families in need. Kabbalah Centre Youth volunteer opportunities will allow each student to put into practice the spiritual principles of sharing.


Kabbalah Centre Youth was created to offer a pathway for the youth generation to fully engage in the study of Kabbalah and become the future leaders of our community, and world.
— Michael Berg, Kabbalah Centre Director


  • Identified and retained 2 full-time curriculum writers for Kabbalah Centre Youth's classes and holiday courses.

  • Completed curriculum for Kabbalah Centre Youth's weekly classes on the Zoharportions of Beresheet, Noach, Lech Lecha, Vayera, Chayei Sarah, Toldot, Vayetze, Vayishlach, Vayeshev, Mikketz, Vayigash, and Vayechi.

  • Hosted a Kabbalah Centre Youth Summer Retreat in New York City with 25 teens from Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami, Boca Raton, London and Mexico.