In the spirit of Kabbalah’s spiritual principles that emphasize sharing, The Kabbalah Centre creates opportunities for students to participate in charitable initiatives. Learn more about our featured projects and how you can get involved.

Rav Berg's Eternal Flame

Lighting an Eternal Flame is one of the most powerful ways to connect to the energy and blessings of Rav Berg. Help us light The Rav's Eternal Flame in New York.

Charitable Causes

 Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes provides humanitarian aid to people in need in partnership with other non-profit organizations. Help us provide life-saving food and water to South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

The Zohar Project

The Zohar Project makes the Zohar accessible to all people for the purpose of revealing spiritual Light in the world. Help us share the Zohar in Houston with the Zohar Project Tour.