Current Projects

The Kabbalah Centre is a non profit organization dedicated to spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah and sharing the Zohar. Our two ongoing initiatives support our mission and help to connect more people with the centre. It is because of your support that these projects are made possible.

Sacred Zohar Price Reduction Project

Support the subsidization of the Sacred Zohar today. By making a donation, you are directly reducing the cost of the Sacred Zohar from $101 to $26 and making our spiritual text more accessible. In 2018, The Kabbalah Centre sold 504 Sacred Zohars. Help us reach our goal of $800,000 to reduce the price of 25,000 Zohars. By coming together, your generosity will help put Sacred Zohars in more hands all over the world.

Zohars Sold: 6,898

*Last updated 8/19/2019.

Spread Kabbalah Project

Support the Kabbalah Centre in spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah to a record breaking number of students. By increasing the number of students of The Kabbalah Centre, we are increasing the world’s consciousness and spirituality. Your generosity will help advance our mission of spreading Kabbalah throughout the world.